About the Manny Wagon

Manny WagonPrimary Objective – Student Transport Solution/Service

We are available to assist in the collection and safe transportation of students from school to the selected “of site” activity and from there back to the initial collection point ie the school.

Secondary Objective – Money Saver
With joining our Carpool Initiative, parents are able to save not only time by now not needing to jolt from work in order to race their kids to after school activities, but they will also see a huge saving on fuel through the normal usage division that brings down the cost per student.

Strategic Objective – Longevity of Initiative
We are aiming to eventually expand the offering through creating more efficient routes as we progress through the entire South of Johannesburg. It is a vast area that we feel will realistically include the normal student movements in after school activities. As we create and add more routes, this initiative will eventually reach full circle that will offer even more safe transport to our students parents.

Value per student (Marketing Measure Matrix)
Reach & Participation Measure
The measure on reach and participation runs hand in hand and is directly calculated on the amount of students transported.

ROI Measure
The Return on investment is calculated simply by the time and fuel saving that parents will enjoy while having the complete faith in the safety of their children carpooling with us.