The Manny Wagon, Licensed and Safe Shuttle Services in Gauteng

Shuttle Services – After School Activities – Carpool Initiative

We are proud to introduce our Carpool Initiative that started as a conversation between two working parents that needed to come up with a solution in the transportation of our kids to after school activities. We came up with an idea that is now more than just a coin toss, it’s a full bodied solution! We want to assist other working parents in saving them time away from work, unnecessary travel and those costly fuel expenses!

With our initiative on paper the plans started forming, we’ve then realised that school transportation was not our only stumbling block, being a big family every time we need to get to the airport we always have a problem and so our initiative started forming shape and knew that we will be able to assist families with different solution in transportation.

Safe, Licensed and insured…
With a PDP Licensed Driver we are sure to get u safe to and from your destination.
The Manny Wagon is Liability Insured and is monitored with a Cartrack Tracker.
From here, leave it in our hands and we will just confirm our routes
Easy savings – SAFE solution – SIMPLY SMILES!

Simply pop us an email with your requirements:

  • Time you need your child collected
  • Place/Address of after school activity
  • And, the days that you need…